About Michaud & Raymond Oil Company, Inc.

A Michaud & Raymond Oil company calendar from 1952. The President, Paul Raymond, has been in charge of operations of this locally owned and operated corporation since the retirement of his father Joseph in 1976. Paul will be retiring in April 2014. His son Tom will be taking over as the 3rd generation owner.

Michaud & Raymond Fuel Services was founded by Joseph Raymond and his uncle, Ovide Michaud, in June of 1934, Their collective philosophy of providing high quality fuels to local clients with the best possible heating system products and fast efficient cost effective service, is a testament to the longevity of the company now carried on to this day by Joseph’s son Paul Raymond.

Originally located in Salem for over 71 years, M&R fuels outgrew the existing facilities and is now located at 23 Upton Street in Peabody.

We are proud to say that in this day and age of globalization and impersonal computerization and answering machines that we have maintained our commitment to personalized sales, courteous service and the best pricing available for our customers, many of whom have been with us for generations!

We Like to think we have been doing something right for our customers because we are still here serving generations of happy clients after 80 years!

Why not consider becoming one of our many locally served satisfied clients? Opening an account is easy. Apply for an account online or download the application.